Technical Detail

The Ultimate Database (UDB) is a web based database application development system for storing all types of data in a single table structure. It has many applications with web site hosting currently being its major use. 

For us, a 'Database Centric CMS' is not just a phrase. Our CMS uses the same database structure to hold

  • the data it serves
  • the definition of that data
  • the definition of the applications it hosts

This high level of data/application integration results in a very powerful and flexible CMS system.

The structure used to hold the data is based on a neural network design. This creates a kind of 'Data Web' allowing data to be interrogated and displayed from multiple directions easily and quickly. By incorporating the structure of the CMS and your application into the data, significant features and functionality can be added to the site just by adding objects and relationships to the data content saving the need to write hundreds of lines of code.

A huge benefit of the UDB is in its flexibility. It can be used as an off-the-shelf package, making use of templates to implement new projects quickly and easily. Or it can be tailored to a client's specific needs. Either way, the client will simply see an easy to use website with all the features they require and nothing more.