Copy-chasing is made much easier through a system of  'traffic lights' on each advertisement or editorial.  This shows quickly which copy should be chased, and which is already in.

Go to Orders & Items > Editorial Registration then Search for the publication code.  Next to the publication code are two tick-boxes: one for editorial chasing and one for advertisement chasing.  Tick the appropriate boxes for your task in hand.

Each issue set up for the publication will appear as a tab across the top of the screen, so click on the one which you want to copy-chase for.  

On the side menu, there is an option to turn on (and off) the traffic light colours    .



  • Red = Chase
  • Yellow = Don't chase
  • Green = Copy in
  • Blue = Ready to print


To chase the copy

Depending on your requirements and set-up, there are different options available to chase the copy.

If you are set-up to use emails, simply ensure the highlight is on the order you wish to chase, then press the 'email chase' button on the left panel   .  This enables you to chase individual orders.

Alternatively, use the excel button on the left panel to export the whole list to Excel, including email address and telephone numbers  . 


When you receive the copy, or have instructions to repeat

There are two alternative ways of storing information about which copy to use.  Whichever method you prefer, if the advertisement is to be a repeat, you will be asked where the advertisement appeared before, and you can choose from the current publication or a different one from your portfolio.  

The first method is to sit on this traffic light page (Orders & Items > Editorial Registration) with the colours turned on (see above).  Find the correct advertisement then right click on it to show the traffic light options.  Pick 'copy in', then indicate from the list whether it is an exact repeat, an amended repeat, or the format on which you have just received the copy.

The second, alternative way to input this information is to start from the order, and look at the details of the order line by double-clicking on the contract line.  In these details, half way down on the right had side, see the 'issues' button and click this.

Double click on the particular issue you are interested in, and the issue details screen will appear:




The bottom right quarter of the screen refers to the position of the advertisement and the copy arrangements.   If you need to set up different sections or add subsections to the positions available in your publication, please see Sections

Production Schedule

All of the information which you have input regarding copy and repeats, no matter which of the two methods above you used to enter it,  will show on the production schedule.



Schedule Report and Voucher Copies