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Allow users to login with their Facebook account.

Requires a Facebook App to be created and the credentials (Facebook App ID and Facebook App secret) added in the Organisation Maintenance area.

Organisation set up

To enable Facebook login on your site you will need a Facebook app with the "Facebook Login" product. Log into, or create an account at, https://developers.facebook.com.

  • In the top left, click "Get started" or, "My Apps" > "Add New App"
  • Enter your app name and a contact email address
  • You may be asked further questions, 
    • What best describes you? if unsure, select "Developer"
    • You are creating a Facebook App - Web App
  • Click on "Facebook Login"
  • Enter your site URL
  • All the next steps can be ignored, just click next, UDB will take care of the code
  • View your App ID and Secret by clicking "Settings" > "Basic".
  • Add these on your Organisation Maintenance area, Main Details.

End user notes

End users can manage their settings by going to their account settings on Facebook. From here they can click "Apps" then look under the "Logged in with Facebook" area. Here they can manage all settings including removing the App if they wish.

Number Name Default Type Description
1 auto_login false Boolean Determines whether or not to attempt to log in a user automatically.
2 text   Login with Facebook String The HTML to use inside the login button.
- class btn btn-light String Classes to apply to the login link.
- id udb-fb-login String The ID to apply to the login link.
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