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{MENU(root_id, options, collapse_text)}

Builds a navigation menu using system links.

Number Name Default Type Description
1 root_id Home Page Object ID Integer The object ID of the menu's root.
2 options String

Menu Display Options

 A - Load content into main page area with AJAX
 C - Center the menu on the page
 I - Right align the menu on the page
 E - No Edit Menu Button
 J - Justified menu - only available with option T or P (tabs & pills)
 L - Include Login Menu. Optionally follow with the menu option value in brackets.
 P - Pills (overrides T)
 R - Raw list, the menu will be output with only basic HTML, options "A", "T", "P", "V" and "J" will be ignored. The default container_id will now be "0". When not in raw mode, Bootstrap attributes will be added to elements.
 T - Tabs
 V - Verticle menu
 W - Wrap Menu Items horizontally
 X - Exclude root item in menu

3 collapse_text String Text to use in the menu when it collapses. If blank then the Domain Name will be used (linking to the home page). Enter "none" for no content.
- relationship_id 65 Integer The relationship ID to use when building the navigation tree. The default "65" is the system menu relationship.
- container_id 917 Integer The object ID to use for the menu container. The default value is "917" unless option "R" is used, in which case the default is "0".
- menu_id String The HTML ID to use for the menu elements. If blank, a string will be created using "root_id-relationship_id-max_depth" as a base.
- max_depth 2 Integer The maximum number of levels to display in a menu.
- transition FadeSwap String

The transition method to use when Option A is selected above.

Slide, SlideUp,SlideDown

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