In any BusiPro text field you can use abbreviations to reduce the amount of typing you need to do.

Abbreviations consist of the '&' symbol followed by a 3 character code.

Once you have typed the code and moved out of the memo field or pressed return, the abbreviation will automatically be replaced with the full text.

e.g. &BPC = Bad Paying Customer

You can search for a list of abbreviations by right clicking on a memo field and selecting Abbreviations from the pop-up menu.

To Add a New Abbreviation

  • Go To Parameters & Lists > General > Abbreviations in the main menu bar.
  • Enter a code for the new abbreviation and hit return, say Yes to Add New Abbreviation.
  • Add the text the abbreviation stands for.
  • Click on the green tick button to save.
  • If you would like today's date in the abbreviation add %DA in the text, if you would like the time add %TI. These fields will automatically be filled in.

e.g. You were called on %DA at %TI