Communication Types

Communication Types reflect the level of the Communication. They can also be used to group communications together for reporting purposes. There are many already set up in the BusiPro system, they can be edited or added to in the Communication Types screen.

  • Go to Parameters & Lists > General > Communication Types in the main menu bar.
  • To add a new Communication Type, add a new code in the Hot Area and hit return, say Yes to Add New Comm. Type?
  • Enter a description of the communication type.
  • A description of the other fields are listed below, when all information has been added, remember to click on the green tick button to save.

Communication Types Tick boxes

This area allows you to designate the Communication Type you are going to create. For example if you are creating the EMAIL Communication Type, you would tick the E-Mail tick box.

Default Response

This is where you enter or search for the code relating to the required default response of the Communication Type you are working on for more information see Communication Responses.

Response Due Days

This is where you enter the number of days the response to the Communication Type is required by. For example, if you create a EMAIL Communication Type, you want to have an immediate response to it, so you can enter 1 in the Due Days field to indicate that a response is required in one day.

Year Plan Colour

Click on this button to choose the colour the Communication Type will appear on the Organiser Year Planner page.