Adding a Diary Entry

Adding a diary entry can be done in either of these ways.


Method 1 

  • Click the Organiser Button to launch the organiser
  • The diary will automatically open to the diary section for the current week
  • Locate the required day using the diary navigation icons
  • Select the start time of the entry by moving the mouse over the vertical yellow Time Bar to the left of each box

  • When the required start time is displayed in the time box at the top of the page, click the left mouse button to select this time.
  • Select the finish time by moving the mouse arrow downward over the yellow time bar
  • When the required finish time is displayed, click the right mouse button and select Finish & New from the popup menu, the Communication window will open with your pre-selected start and finish times added.
You can now enter the required information in the Communication window.

Method 2
  • Once you have selected the required day, Right click on the active line on that day and select new from the pop-up menu or click theNew Button at the bottom of the page
  • Type your message in the text box. When you click the green Tick Button at the top of the page, the entry will automatically be placed on the appropriate day of your diary.

The date and time fields are automatically filled with the current date and time. You can adjust these fields to suit your needs.


Linking a general diary entry to a company

The diary entries set up in the organiser are general entries and are not linked to any company. To link the entry to a particular company, go to second tab, Links. Search for the required link, the entry can be linked to a company with/without a contact, contract number, product classification code, item code or transaction number.


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