Organiser Year Planner

The year planner is a graphical representation of your diary entries. The planner allows you to see what your appointments are, for each day, of each month for the selected year. Each communication type will be represented by a different block of colour and its related communication can be easily viewed by selecting Edit from the right-click menu.

Each month is represented by a row on the Year Planner. Moving the mouse along a row causes the date in the top left corner of the page to change. Moving the mouse up or down on a single date will cause the Time Value field to change, showing the time of day represented by that position on the date.

The contents of the planner are dynamically linked with the communications entry screen, allowing a single entry to be visible from the Organiser Diary, the Organiser To-Do List and the Year Planner.

Planner Select Year

At the top of the page is the Planner Select Year box which displays the selected year that is shown by the year planner. To change the year, click the up or down arrows as appropriate. To jump to a specific year, type the year in the box.

Year Planner Event

Each entry in your Diary corresponds to a Year Planner event. Each event type is represented by a different colour on the Year Planner page.

Right-clicking on a event will open a pop up menu allowing you to View, Edit, or Delete its diary entry.

Adding a Year Planner Entry
Editing & Deleting a Year Planner Entry
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