Editing & Deleting a Year Planner Entry

You can edit and delete entries in the planner by selecting the entries and choosing edit or delete from the popup menu.

To edit an entry:

  • Click the Organiser Button to launch the organiser
  • Click on the Year Plan tab to move to the Year Planner page
  • Right-click on the entry you wish to edit. For this example, we will edit the Christmas Party entry that was created in the Adding a Year Planner Entry.
  • Move your mouse over the coloured box on the 22nd of December. Right click on your mouse and select the Edit option from the pop up menu. This will open the User Communications menu where you can edit the required information.
  • Now at the end of the existing memo type, and his secretary. Then click the green Tick button and the entry will be updated. This will update your Diary, you Year Planner and your To Do List entry.

To delete an entry:

  • Right-Click on the coloured box on the 22nd or December.
  • Select delete from the popup menu
  • You can now choose between three options. First, you can delete the communication, which will remove it completely from the system. Second you can remove the entry from the diary; this saves the communication entry but remove the reference from the diary and the Year Planner. Finally, you can cancel the delete procedure which retains the entry and returns you to the Year Planner page.
  • Click the delete button. The entry is now delete and you return to the Year Planner.