Organiser World Time Page

The World Time page is a quick and easy way of establishing the time of day for countries and capitals around the world.

The key feature on this page is the world map. To access a more detailed view of the map double click on it, or click the globe icon on the right side of the page.

The world map page displays city/time information with colour coded hotspots. Orange hotspots indicate cities that automatically adjust for daylight savings. Red hotspots indicate cities that either do not observe daylight savings (e.g. most equatorial countries) or information on their daylight savings practice is not available.

The Time page contains a From base location and a To location. The From location, is used by the system as the starting time zone. The time and date of the To location is calculated in relation to the From location.

So if the From location says it is 13.00 in London the To location for Moscow says the time is 16.00. If you then right click, search and change the From location to Chicago, the From time is still 13.00, but the time in Moscow now reads 22.00.

The world map can also be used to easily locate the city you wish to set as the To location. As you pass over the hotspots, the To Location and To Time fields change.

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