Organiser Communications Page

This page lists all the communications you have made. There are two ways to view a communication from the list. The first is to double click on the entry you wish to view. The second is to click on the entry then click the Edit icon at the bottom of the page.

Communication Type Filter

On this page you can set a filter to view only one type of communication. In the top right corner of the page is the Comm. Type filter field. Click on the field to display a list of Communication Types. Choose a type from the list and the page will display only communication that are of that Type. For example, click on the field and choose EMAIL from the list of options. The result will be that only the BusiPro e-mails will be displayed. Double clicking on the Comm. Num. field will allow you to view the communication.

Communication Filter

At the bottom of the right hand page is the Communication Filter. You can enter a word or phrase in this field and the filter will exclude any communication that does not meet the criteria.

For Example, typing Brian will display any communications that contain the word Brian. To further filter the communications you can filter for Brian under a selected Type of communication, like MEETING.