Employee Links

You can link employees to companies -  for example, an employee in the sales department can be linked to his or her customers.  This enables you to determine quickly and easily which employee is responsible for a customer from the orders/contract window.

Applying these links will allow you to access information or run reports on companies by employee. For example, you an create a report that will show the sales performance of an employee which shows all the companies that employee deals with.

To Add an Employee Link

  • Find the company and go to the 3 Names tab from where a new set of tabs appears.  Choose 2. Employee Links.
  • Click on the New Button to the left hand side of the grid.
  • This will bring up a field for you to enter or Search for the company code.
  • Clicking the Tick button takes you to the details page to enter the following information
  • Employee Comment - use this field to add any comments you might need relating to this link.
  • Owner tick box - if there is more than one employee linked to this company record, one can be designated the owner of that record.
  • Locked - Ticking this box locks the record to the employee code set up so that no other employee can edit the company record.
  • Role Code - enter the role of the employee if known or Search. If the role you require is not there, you can add more see Adding and Deleting Employee Roles.
  • Events - If the Employee is responsible for that company for only specific Events/Publications and not others, these can listed here.

To Edit an Employee Link

  • In Names tab go to 2. Employee Link.
  • Click on the Edit Button to the left hand side of the grid.
  • When all the changes have been made, click on the Done button to return to the Employee Links page and click on the Tick button to save changes.

To Delete an Employee Link

  • In Names tab go to 2. Employee Link.
  • Select the Employee you wish to delete by clicking on the line.
  • Click on the Delete Button to the left hand side of the grid.
  • A message will pop-up Delete Company Employee Link? Click Yes.
  • Save changes by clicking on the Tick button.