Adding Additional Company Addresses

Additional addresses such as invoice addresses can be added to the company record.

  • Enter or Search for the company code in the Hot Area of the company record.
  • Click on the New button to the left hand side of the address fields.


  • The system automatically gives the address the next Address Type code
  • Blank fields are then created for the address details. The company name field will be filled in with the main company name.
  • Fill in the new address details and tick one of the address type tick boxes e.g. invoice address beneath the address field. Whatever box you tick for this address, the same box will be unticked in the main address.
  • Click on the green tick button to save.


If the company name for this additional address is different, see Linking Company Names to an Additional Address.

If you wish to link a contact to an additional address, please see Linking a Contact to an Additional Address