Company Sales Ledger Account

In the Companies Accounting tab, ticking a company is a sales ledger account displays the following information.

1. Main Tab

S/L Account Code

Enter or search for a code here of the company that is the sales ledger invoice company if this is different from the main company.

Vat Registration Number

This is an optional field, however, if you know the VAT Number of the company it would be useful to add it here. If the company is based in Europe and you have their Vat registration number then you do not have to charge them VAT.

Company Registration Number

Below the Vat field you have the option of adding the company's official Registration Number.

Currency Code

The currency for this company. This will set to the default currency as defined in the Event/Publication set up unless changed. To change the currency, enter or search for the new currency code.

Last Sales Invoice

Displays the transaction number and date of the last sales invoice made against the company. To make a new transaction, click on the New Button button beside the date field.


2. Sales Main tab

Link System Account

If you use a different accounting software package, you can enter the account number used on that system for this company.

Factor Account Number

This field allows you to indicate an account number used if you use alternative means of debt collection. For example, if a client is unable to settle their bill and you decide to sell on the debt, you can note the account number you have with the collection agency in this field.

Def. Bank Nominal Code

Enter the nominal code to specify which bank account revenue from this company is to go into.

Def. Bank Cost Code

Specify which cost code this company is assigned to.

On Stop tick box

Tick this box if the company is on stop and no more orders are to be taken from them. When this box is ticked, no contracts/orders will be allowed to be created for that company.

Warning tick box

Tick this box if the company are on a warning. A pop-up message will come up when a contract/order is created for this company alerting the user that the company is on a warning.

Do Not Chase tick box

Tick this box if the company are not to be chased for payments etc.

Payment Terms

The default payment terms will be displayed as defined in the Event/Publication set up, however this can be changed for individual companies. Type in the figure to change to new payment terms.

Credit Limit

Displays the credit limit that company has. The value in this field will affect the total value of outstanding sales orders and invoices that can be raised on the system. If a company has reached its Credit Limit, the system will display a warning when you try to set up a new order for that company.

Settlement Discount

Displays the settlement discount percentage and number of days (if applicable).

Agency Comm Code.

If the company have a Agent that always receives the same commission percentage on all orders/contracts, the code for that percentage will be displayed here. To enter or change the code, search for required code. If the percentage you require is not there, see Item Discounts for information on adding new agency commission codes.

Invoice Discount

Displays the percentage discount this company receives on all their invoices. Type in the figure required, however please note this discount will apply to all new orders/contracts invoiced only.

Invoice Copies

Dictates how many copies of the invoices are printed out if for example, the company need a copy of the invoice to go to a parent company as well.


3. Sales Additional


Displays the default payment method of the company. To enter a new one, search for the payment method options and update using the Tick button when complete.

There is also a field to enter delivery instructions if this company is to be sold a product that will be delivered.