Data Protection

Data protection is a subject which must be taken seriously and all selections should be checked carefully to ensure that nobody receives a communication from you who has requested not to.

Remember too that in marketing pieces, recipients should be given an option to unsubscribe.

Data Protection Flags for the whole Company 

In the main Companies screen (Marketing Database > Companies), there are four tick boxes to indicate that the company has requested not to be contacted by telephone, fax, email or address.

Ticking these boxes blacks out and puts brackets around the related fields to indicate how they are not be contacted. 

Note that, in many cases, it might be more appropriate to mark the individual contacts with data protection flags rather than the whole company.


Data Protection Flags for Individual Contacts

You can also set data protection for individual contacts in a company by ticking the Do Not Mail box in the contact's details.

Note also the box blacked out (email field) and the brackets around the related fields to indicate how they are not be contacted.

You can choose to include or exclude these companies/contacts from reports and mailings as required.


To Exclude Companies from Reports/Mailings

In the BusiRep report, tick the Companies Details box in the Selection Criteria On section.

Tick the Data Protection box, a choice of which area of data protection you wish to exclude becomes available. Ticking one of these boxes will exclude the companies that have had the corresponding box ticked on the company record.



Excluding Contacts from Reporting/Mailmerges

In BusiRep, to exclude contacts that have been ticked do not mail, in Contact Details in the Selection Criteria On area of the report, tick the Do Not Mail option and choose Not Set (i.e. select the contacts that are not ticked Do Not Mail).

This will exclude contacts that have Do Not Mail.

When you click on the Contacts Details box, you will see that this option is usually set by default. If you wanted to show only the contacts that have been ticked Do Not Mail, tick the Set option. If you wanted to include all contacts (data protection or not). Untick the Do Not Mail box completely.