Companies Troubleshooting

Some commonly asked questions.

  • You have forgotten the name of a company you have made a note for.
    • If you have been dealing with a company, have spoken to someone and made a communication but cannot remember the company name, go into the BusiPro Organiser and look in the Comms tab. This will show a list of the communications you have made, scroll through the list until you see your note and double click on the Comm number to open the communication, the Links tab will give you the account code.
  • You cannot find a company by the name description in the search window.
    • If you cannot find a company by typing in the name (the company may have changed names), change the search option in the search window, for example to post code. If you were very recently in the company record, also try the Quick List button in the general toolbar to bring up a list of the last 20 company records you were in.
  • You cannot find a contact/ remember which company a contact works for.
    • In the search window, change the search option to surname search.
  • You cannot see a particular contact in the list of contacts on a company record.
    • Check to see if the contact has been labelled Inactive this will not be shown on the contact list. Click on the Show Inactive Contacts tick box in the company record.
  • You cannot see an order/contract in the order/stock tab.
    • If you cannot see an order/contract, use the scroll arrows on the right hand side to make sure you are at the very top of the grid.
  • There is a duplicate company on the database.
    • Use the transfer button in the Accounting tab to transfer communications and orders from one company to another and delete one of the companies.
  • The Go To Contract/Order (blue arrow) button on the company record does not work when pressed.
    • Check that the company has not been ticked a purchase ledger company. Purchase ledger companies cannot have sales contracts raised against them. Go to the Accounting tab > Main on the company record and check the tick boxes.
    • If a warning comes up that the company is on stop. If the On Stop box has been ticked, no contracts/orders can be placed. Check with your accounts department the situation with this company.