DeDupe Programme

This programme allows you to dedupe companies in a database, merging company records together which are the same, or merging contact records which are the same person.

If the dedupe programme is not listed in one your main menu items, it can be accessed by the following:

  • Go to Parameters & Lists > General > SQL Report Designer in the main menu.
  • Type in RUN into the Report Code field and hit return.
  • In the Form Name field, enter DEDUPE and click on the Excel button in the bottom left hand corner. This will bring up the following window:

  • The first tab Analyse allows you to set criteria for the system to check the company records.
  • The Name Match Length is defaulted to 30, this is the number of characters in the company name that have to be the same for the system to match them. This number can be changed by clicking on the up or down arrows. The Telephone AND Address the same box is ticked by default, this can be unticked if you do not wish the system to match these as well.
  • To run the analysis click on the Go button. It may take a few minutes for the programme to run depending on the size of the database. When the system has stopped, go to the second tab Run to view the results of the programme, make any changes and perform the merge.

  • The box will display the codes of matched companies based on the criteria in the first tab.
  • To view two companies that are to be merged, highlight the codes by dragging the mouse arrow over codes and clicking on the button. This will transfer the two codes to the fields to the right.

    To view the company records, right click on the company code and choose Company from the right-click menu.

  • If you do not wish these two companies to be included in the merge, delete the company codes from the box above by highlighting them and hitting the Delete button on your keyboard and remove the space it leaves behind.
  • Once you are satisfied all the companies on the list are genuine duplications click on the Go button to perform the dedupe. The records will be merged together and the company record on the left will be deleted.