Adding a Contact

To Add a Contact to a Company Record

Go to Marketing Database > Companies in the top menu bar.

If the Company record is being created, go to the 1st tab Contacts, if the record already exists, Search for the company in the Company Code field and hit return to go into the company record.

  • In the Contacts tab, click on the New Button on the left hand side of the grid.
  • A blank details window will be available, BusiPro automatically assigns a contact code e.g. 0001 for this contact.
  • Enter Title, Forename (the Initial will automatically be filled in from the forename) and Surname. The Salutation will automatically be filled in as e.g. Mr Smith, however this can be changed to whatever your preference e.g. John.
  • The tick box for Active is automatically ticked, tick other boxes for Main Contact, Do Not Mail or Accounts Contact as appropriate.
  • Enter the telephone/fax/mobile/email as appropriate.
  • Type in a Job Function and enter or Search for a Job Position code
  • Add Contact Attributes if required, for more information see Contact Attributes.
  • Clicking on the Done button will take you back to the to the previous Contacts tab window.
  • Click on the Tick Button to save changes.
  • Continue adding contacts by clicking on the New Button until all contacts are entered.