Link a Contact to an Add'l Company Address

If a company has more than one address, such as a different invoicing address, some of the contacts on the company record can be linked to that address instead of the main company address. This is important to make sure correspondence intended for that contact is sent to the right address. For information on adding additional company addresses see Adding Additional Company Addresses.

  • Enter or search for the company code in the hot area.
  • In the Contacts tab, go into the contact details page by double clicking on the contact code.
  • In the bottom left hand corner of the screen there is an Address Type field, this number will be defaulted to 0000 which is the main company address.
  • To link this contact to an additional address, change the Address Type code to the same code as the additional address, for example 0001. A grid of the additional addresses can be found next to the main address fields in the top half of the screen. Clicking on each of the codes will bring up the entered address and the boxes underneath will tell you what type of address it is.
  • When the Address Type code has been entered, click on the Done button to return you to the contact screen.
  • Hit the green tick button to save.
  • Now when you click on the contact line, the address you have linked it to will be displayed in the Address fields.