Link a Contact to an Add'l Company Name

If a company has more than one name, such as a different branch office or trading name, some of the contacts on the company record can be linked to that name instead of the main company name. For information on adding additional company names see Additional Company Names.

  • Enter or search for the company code in the hot area.
  • In the Contacts tab, go into the contact details page by double clicking on the contact code.
  • Click on the Expand button next to the Job Function field.
  • In the Name Code field, enter the code of the other company name. The name code is automatically set up by the system when an additional name is added. To view the additional names that have been set up for that company, look in the Names tab.
  • When the name code has been entered, click on the Done button to return you to the contact screen.
  • Hit the green tick button to save.

If you choose to merge this contact information to a communication document, you must select the Use Contact Company Name option in the Communication Document set up or the main company name will be printed. For more information see Setting Up a Communications Document.