Link an Employee to a Contact in a Co.

If a company has multiple contacts, you can link a specific contact to a member of your own company, for example Sales Rep A may deal with one contact, but Sales Rep B also deals with a contact at that company. To link an employee with a contact :

  • Enter or search for the company record in the hot area of the Companies Screen.
  • In the first tab Contacts, click on the contact to be linked to an employee.
  • Go into the Contact Details by double clicking on the contact code.
  • Click on the second button, the label will show Contact Employees when the mouse is placed over it.
  • Click on the New Button to the left hand side of the grid.
  • Enter or search for the Employee Code and click on the green Tick Button.
  • Enter a comment if applicable in the field and the Employee's role in your company. If the role you require is not listed, see Adding and Deleting Employee Roles.
  • Click on the Done button to return to the previous screen.
  • To return to the Contacts Details screen click on the button.
  • Remember to save your changes.