Adding Additional Attributes to the System

Attributes are made of two codes, the Attribute Type is a one or two letter code to represent the group of Attributes you are creating. For example , the Attribute Type P could represent the Product the company sells, and many Attributes Codes could be set up within this defining the products such as books, videos or DVD's.

Attributes can be added to :

  • Companies
  • Contacts
  • Communications
  • Contracts/Orders
  • Items
  • Employees
To add a new Attribute Code to an Existing Attribute Type
  • Go to Parameters & Lists > Marketing Database > Company Attributes

  • Enter or search for the Attribute Type code.
  • Click on the New Button to the left hand side of the grid.
  • Enter a new code for the attribute and click on the green tick button.
  • Enter a description of the attribute. The Comment check box is used in Questionnaires, for more information see Questionnaires.
  • Reference and description lines can be used as prompt questions or additional information. When an attribute is added, any references added here will be shown in the comment box of the attribute and can be used for example to justify why a company has been assigned an attribute. The references and description can be typed straight in.
  • Click on the Done button.
  • Click the green tick button to save.
  • To edit an attribute code, click on the attribute line in the grid and click the Edit Button.
  • To delete an attribute code, click on the attribute line in the grid and click the Delete Button.

To Add a New Attribute Type and Codes

  • Go to Parameters & Lists > Marketing Database > Company Attributes
  • Enter a new code for the Attribute Type of up to two characters. Click on the New Button in the Navigation Toolbar or hit return and click yes to Add New Attribute?
  • Enter a description of the attribute type. Tick the Exclusive check box next to the description field if the attribute type is to be assigned only once, for example a Company Size Attribute type will be exclusive as a company cannot have more than one company size.
  • Click on the check boxes of what the attribute type is related to, i.e. is the attribute type to do with companies, contacts or items etc. More than one box may be ticked. The boxes that are ticked means that this attribute type will be available to add in those areas of BusiPro only.
  • When the attribute type is to be used in Questionnaires and the attribute should be added in relation to a specific Event/Publication and not a general attribute, e.g. the attribute HOT prospect would relate to a specific show and the contact could have a different level of interest for different shows. Tick the Link tick box, the top tick box to the right of the description which will add the Event/Publication code (the default code the user is working in) when the attribute is added (this may also be represented by a # after the description). For more information on setting up Questionnaire, see Questionnaires.
  • To add the Attribute Codes to the Attribute Type, follow the steps described above in Adding a New Attribute Code to an Existing Attribute Type.
  • Click on the green tick button to save.

Multiple Attribute codes and Subsections

In cases where there are potentially too many attributes codes to be listed clearly on a Questionnaire or there are many subsections to an attribute code, attribute codes can be set up using a main heading and then multiple codes seperated by a colon, for example in the Attribute Type PC (product code) the attribute code BOOKS could be the main category and BOOKS:001, BOOKS:002 etc set up to represent different subcategories of books. This can go even further if required to BOOKS:001:01 to represent a further subcategory.

If the attribute code list is very long, to find a particular attribute easily, click on the button to only show the heading codes.

If changes are made to the Attribute database, when the Attribute Type window is closed down the system will run an Attribute Policeman program to check the system, this may take a few minutes.This can also be done by clicking on the Policeman button .