Contact Attributes

Contact Attributes allows you to display brief descriptive information relating to a contact of a company that might be useful when dealing with them or for grouping contacts together for reporting or mailshoting.

All Attributes are made up of two parts, the Attribute Type and the Attribute Code.

The Attribute Type is a one or two letter code to represent the group of Attributes you are creating. For example , the Attribute Type R could represent the Role of the contact in the company, and many Attributes Codes could be set up within this defining the role. Only attributes that have been previously set up in the system can be added. If you would like to add a new attribute to the system, see Adding Additional Attributes to the System.

Adding Contact Attributes 

Contact Attributes can be added two ways :

  • Enter or search for the company the contact works for in the hot area of the Companies Screen.
  • In the Contacts tab, double click on the Contact code to go into the Contacts Details window.
  • The first button on the left hand side will take you into the Contract Attribute Links window.
  • Click on the New button to add an attribute.

  • The first field is the Attribute Type field. You can enter or search for the Attribute Type.
  • Next do the same with the Attribute code field.
  • The publication/event code can be entered to assign that attribute to a particular publication/event or left blank for a general non-specific attribute.
  • Click on the Tick Button.
  • The second box allows you to enter a comment against that particular attribute.
  • Click on the Done button. The Attribute is now added to the Contact.
  • Save by clicking on the Tick button.

To Edit a Contact Attribute

  • Click on the Attribute line so that the black arrow is pointing to it on the left hand side of the grid.
  • Click on the Edit Button, or double click on the Attribute line.
  • When finished editing, click on the Done button to return to the Attribute tab and save by clicking on the Tick button.

To Delete a Contact Attribute

  • Select the Attribute to be deleted by clicking on the line, there will be a black arrow pointing to it on the left hand side of the grid.
  • Click on the Delete button.
  • A pop-up message will come up asking whether you are sure you want to delete Cont. Att. Link. Click Yes.
  • Save changes by clicking on the Tick button.

The second way to add Attributes is by Questionnaires which are a short cut to add multiple attributes to a company and contacts at the same time, for more information see Questionnaires.