Automated Responses

From a Communication you can use Automated Responses in conjunction with the To-Do list to check when information has not been received from companies, for example if you are waiting to hear back from companies whether they require a certain service.

The communication can be added to your To-Do list by clicking on the To-Do list entry tick box, for more information see Adding a To-Do List Entry from a Communication.

At the foot of the Links tab, clicking on the Response Required tick box brings up the Automated tick box, ticking this box brings up the company attribute button.

Clicking on this button will bring up search windows of attribute types and attribute codes. Choose the attribute type and code you have assigned for the reply to this communication, e.g. the attribute for the service.

Now when you have received a response to your communication and the attribute is added to the company record, the Response Received box will automatically be ticked and the entry will be removed from the To-Do list. Your To-Do list will then only show the companies you have not yet received a reply from. If the company respond that they do not require the service and the attribute will not be added to the company record, ticking the Response Received box will allow you to remove it from the To-Do list.