Adding a To-Do List Entry from Comms.

Adding a communication from anywhere in the system gives you the opportunity to add the communication to your Organiser To-Do List. It will also set up reminders to pop up on your screen on the date and time entered on the To-Do list entry.

Clicking on Yes will open the Organiser To-Do list page to view the messages previously set up.

Clicking on any of the Communication buttons brings up the communication window however where the button was activated the system will enter some of the information by default. For example, clicking on the button in Companies screen will automatically link the Communication to the company record. Clicking on the button in the Contact tab of the Companies screen will automatically link the Communication to the company and contact and so on. The Communication button on the top general toolbar is not linked to any records and can be used for general To-Do entries.

  • You can change the Comm. Type to reflect the type of communication, enter or Search for the Type code.
  • In the Communication window, click on the To-Do List Entry tick box.
  • Enter the communication you wish to add to your To-Do List in the comment box.
  • Click on the green tick button to save.
  • You can now view or edit your entry by going to the Organiser To-Do List. If you have linked the Communication to a company or contact, the name will be displayed in the bottom field of the To-Do List.
  • More options are also available :


There are two priority tick boxes, the top one if checked makes the To-Do list entry low priority and when viewed in the Organiser To-Do List, the entry will be in blue. The bottom one if checked places a high priority on the entry and will be listed in red.

After Response Received Tick Box

This tick box can be used if you would like the To-Do list entry to be added after you have received a response from the company, for example you could send a communication to a company asking them if they are interested in a product, when the Response Received tick box is checked, the Entry will be added to the To-Do list.


Your user code will automatically be entered here, meaning that the entry will be added to your own To-Do list and the reminder message will be displayed on your screen at the given time and date. You can change the User code to that of another BusiPro User by entering or searching for their User code. This will then add the Communication to their To-Do list and pop up a reminder on their screen on the given time and date. You can only send a message to one other user only.

Date Field

The date the communication To-Do list entry was created will be automatically added, this can be changed to a date in the future.

Time Field

Enter a time you would like the reminder message to pop up on your screen.

Acknowledged Tick Box

Ticking on this box acknowledges the To-Do list entry has been dealt with and removes it from the To-Do list.

You can set up Responses to the To-Do list entry, link it to other parts of the system and add attributes, for more information see the Communication Overview page.