Emailing from a Communication

Emails can be sent from the Communication window to any contacts in a company if the contact has a valid email address.

Find the company that is of interest to you, and sit on the contact tab. 


Click on any Communication button to bring up the communication window.


  • There is now a SUBJECT: in the comment field, enter a short description of the email to be shown the the subject line of the recipient's inbox.
  • Enter the text of the email below in the comment field.
  • The email can be given low or high priority by ticking one of the priority boxes.
  • The email can also be added to your To-Do list, for more information on the To-Do list fields, see Adding a To-Do List Entry from a Communication.
  • Any attachments can be added by clicking on the Attach File button to the right of the Outlook button. This will open a browse window to your computer for you to find and attach any file. If you wish to email a Communication Document already set up in the system as either an attachment or body text see, Emailing a Communication Document.
  • HTML source code can be sent directly by cutting and pasting the code into the comment field, for more information see Emailing HTML Source Code.
  • Once the email is complete, click on the Outlook button open the send window.

  • Choose a recipient from the drop down menu of contacts.
  • Click on the Use button of the email address you wish to use or an email address can be typed directly into the To field.
  • The email address now appears in the To field. Other contacts at the company can be CC'ed or Bcc'ed by selecting them from the drop down menu and clicking on Use in either the Cc or Bcc tabs.
  • Click on the green tick button to send the email. A message box will pop up saying the email has been sent successfully.
  • A record of the email will be listed in the Communications tab in the company record.

Once the email has been sent, it cannot be edited. If you subsequently go back into a communication sent as an email, you can resend the email to any of the contacts on the list, or next to the Attach File button there is a Print Report button which will print out details of the email.

Any responses from emails sent from BusiPro can be processed by the Outlook Import Inbox if they have the correct code added to the email, for more information see Dealing with Email Responses.

Information on Responses, Links, Attributes and Communication tabs of the Communication window can be found in the Communications Overview  page.