Dealing with Email Responses

The Outlook Import Inbox allows you to view the emails in your Microsoft Outlook inbox without having to leave the system and, if these emails are responses from emails sent from BusiPro which have had the appropriate code added, there are a certain number of options available. This can be particularly useful when dealing with returns from a bulk email mailshot.

Coding Emails

In order for emails to be processed using the Outlook Import Inbox they must have the code [:%COMP:%CONT:] added in the email. This can be added at the bottom of your email signature (see Organiser Notes and Email Signature) so that it is sent out with all emails automatically, or added to any communication document sent out as for example, an email mailshot. It doesn't matter where the line is inserted in the communication document.

Inserting this line will tell the system when a response comes in from an email sent, the company and contact code the email is from. You can then have a number of options in dealing with email responses. All emails should be sent out with this code to be correctly processed.

Go to Marketing Database > Outlook Import Inbox in the main menu bar.

This window contains a grid which lists the emails in your Outlook inbox. As you click on emails in this list, the Subject tab will display the contents of the email and the date the email was received will be shown in the Date field.

If the email was sent out from BusiPro with an [:%COMP:%CONT:] code in the email, these codes will be shown in the grid columns.

There are four options available for these emails by ticking on the relevant tick box for each email line (and then see Processing Emails below).

  1. Add - the email response can be added to the company record as a communication.
  2. Del - the email response will be deleted from the Outlook import box and from your Outlook inbox as well.
  3. Archive - the emails can be archived within Outlook to be kept as a record. The system will create a BusiPro folder in your Outlook and keep archived emails there.
  4. There is also an Actions column, these give you a number of options of processing the emails in your inbox.  If not already done so you must set up the Actions that are required.


The second tab allows you to set a number of actions and criteria for dealing with emails.

There are 26 codes A-Z which can be used to set up different Actions when processing the emails.

To Set up a New Action

  • Click on the next available code line, in the example above this would be 'B'.
  • Next to the code type a comment which describes the action e.g. 'Remove - do not email' or 'Follow Up'
  • Select emails to be actioned by entering a word or phrase in the Subject or Body Containing Text field e.g. select all emails with 'Remove' in the subject line to be actioned.

There are then fields to choose what happens to these selected emails.

Add Tick Box

If the Add box is ticked you can use your Action to;

  • Add the email to the company or contact communications in the company record.
  • Add an attribute to all the companies or contacts with this action, click on the Attribute tick box, enter or search for the Attribute type and code, enter a comment in the Text box.
  • Add an email flag to the company or contact. An email flag will mark the company or contact as Do Not Mail (the data protection tick boxes on the company record will be ticked) so that they do not receive further mailings.

Remove Tick Box

If the Remove box is ticked you can use your action to;

Remove a company or contact email flag (data protection do not mail) tick from their record.

Remove a company or contact attribute from their record. Clicking on the Attribute tick box brings up the Attribute type and code fields, enter or search for the attribute you wish this action to remove from the record.

Remove the company or contact email address from the system.

Processing Emails

There are three buttons to process email responses.

Add to BusiPro - this will look at all the emails in the inbox and add the email as a communication to the company/contact record for all those that you have added a tick to the Add box.

Archive/Del - this will look at all the emails in the inbox and archive or delete the email for all those that have the box ticked.

Update Actions - (If the Action Code (A-Z) is not shown in the Action column, right click on the Update Actions button). When the Update Action button is then clicked, the system will process the email as dictated by the options you have chosen for each Action (these Actions must be first set up - see above)

The Action code can also be entered or changed manually on the email line or deleted if you do not wish the Action to occur.