Adding Countries

If by searching the country database the country you require is not listed, additional countries can be added in the Marketing Database. Or if you would like to view or edit existing country details, search in the following database.

  • Go To Parameters & Lists > Marketing Database > General > Countries.
  • Add up to four letters for a new code for the country you wish to add, the code should give a clear indication of which country it represents.
  • Click on the New Button on the Navigation Toolbar or hit return, you will be then be asked Add New Country? Click on Yes.
  • Fill in the name of the country.
  • In the Main Tab, fill in the default language of that country or search for the available languages, if the language you require is not listed, see Adding Languages.
  • In the Sec. Currency field, add the currency of the country. If the currency you require is not there, see Adding & Editing Currencies.
  • BusiPro has been made sensitive to the fact that the Post Code can appear in different for different countries. The Post Code Line field allows you to enter the value that relates to the position of the Post Code when printing the address.

    0 = After the Country

    1 = After the County and before the Country

    2 = Before the County

  • BusiPro allows you to specify a continent code to be linked with a country. This link will allow you to group companies by geographic area. This feature makes it possible to run reports or create mass mailings that will include all the countries in a given continent.
  • VAT registered box. Ticking this box indicates that you are registered for VAT in this country.
If the VAT registered box is ticked, the second tab VAT details becomes available. Enter the VAT details

    The six fields are :

    • VAT Reg. Number - Your VAT registration number.
    • Sales Nominal -This is where you enter or search for the sales nominal code for VAT
    • Purchase Nominal - This is where you enter or search for the purchase nominal code for VAT
    • Adj. Nominal - If there is a VAT adjustment, enter or search for the nominal code here.
    • Control Account - This is where you enter or search for the control account code.
    • Auto Journal Type - This is where you chose the journal transaction type


  • Click the Tick Button to save.


If you have ticked the 'VAT registered' box, remember to visit VAT Codes to set up the percentages, rules, etc.


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