You can add Venues and halls/rooms of exhibitions and conferences into the system which can then be added to items or contract lines providing they have been entered in the Setting up a New Exhibition or Setting up a New Conference.

  • Go to Contract & Items > Venues in the main menu bar.
  • In the Hot Area, enter a code for the venue and hit return, say Yes to Add New Venue?
  • Enter the name of the Venue

1. Main tab

Link Company

Enter or search for the code of a company who you deal with for this venue.

Size, Max Height, Max Load

Enter the values of these if appropriate.

Product Tick Boxes

Tick the box of what the venue will be used for, more than one box can be ticked. The labels of some of the fields will change depending on what box has been ticked. You cannot use venues that have not been ticked, i.e. a venue not ticked as being Exhibition will not be available to choose from in any search lists when setting up Exhibition related things.

2. Rooms or Halls

Add halls or rooms to your venue.

  • Click on the New Button
  • Enter a code for the room/hall and click on the green tick button.
  • Enter a name or description of the hall/room.
  • Add a contact name and telephone number of the person responsible for the hall if required.
  • Enter the size, maximum height or maximum load if appropriate.
  • There is a tick box Outside if the area you are setting up is outside of the building.
  • Click on the Done button to return you to the previous screen.

3. Delivery Instructions

Enter any special delivery instructions this hall/room may have.