Setting Up Stand Items

Exhibition stands are another type of Item. There is a dedicated screen for setting up stand items.

Stands can be set up at any time and added to a contract or set up while the contract line is being added.

  • Go to Contract & Items > Stands in the main menu bar or when adding the contract line, type in the new stand number and right click to bring up the pop-up menu and choose new.

  • Either of these ways will bring up a version of the Items screen for you to enter the stand details.

  • If the screen has been brought up from clicking New on the pop-up menu in the contract line, the event and stand number will already be entered. If you are setting up the stand from the Stand option in the main menu, enter the event code and after the colon the stand number and hit return, say Yes to Add New Item?
  • You can enter a comment or description in the comment box, BusiPro will automatically add the stand number and space/shell details when the Item is saved.

Item Group

The default Item Group will already be entered in the Item Group field. Change if a different one is required by entering or Search for a new Item Group code. Item Groups are important for grouping and will pre-set a number of parameters the item has, for more information see Item Groups.


Enter the dimensions of the stand. There are two sets of dimension fields which can be used for stands that are not a regular shape, for more information see Irregular Stand Shapes. The adjustments field can be used to add or subtract area from the total area, for example a column in a stand the area of which is not to be charged to the customer would have a minus adjustment.

Total Units

The total number of units is calculated automatically from the dimensions and adjustment values.

FOC Units

Enter any units that are to be free of charge.

Chargeable Units

The chargeable amount of units will automatically be calculated from the total units minus the FOC units.

Open Sides/ Height

Enter the number of open sides and the height of the stand if required.

Link Codes

Add the codes to the stand which are used in that item. These could be codes for space, shell, modpack, product area etc, only items that have been set up in the system can be added, for more information on items see Setting up Items. Some codes may be added by default or there maybe shortcut buttons depending on what has been set up in sub service fields of the Setting up a New Event screen.

  • Click on the New button under the Link Codes grid.
  • Enter or Search for the item code and click on the green tick button.

  • The total qty of units from the dimensions will be entered automatically and the value calculated. To manually change the area, untick the Area tick box. To manually change the FOC quantity, click on the FOC manual tick box . To manually change the chargeable quantity, click on the Chargeable manual tick box.
  • If you need to change the the price of the item, untick the Auto Refresh Value tick box.
  • Click on the Done button to add the item code to the stand.

Selling Price

  • The default currency and VAT code will automatically be entered, if another is required, enter or Search for the appropriate code.
  • The Initial Price is taken from the value of the link codes. You can manually type in a percentage adjustment or manual adjustment to this stand, for these values to be taken off the final value, remember to put a minus sign in front of the number or the adjustment will be added to the final value.

Simple Pricing

  • If no link codes are used, there is a simple pricing option which will allow you to enter a final value for the stand. Pressing this button after the link codes have been entered will remove them and return the value to 0.

Venue and Location

Enter or Search for the venue and location codes. Only venues set up in the Links section of the Setting up a New Exhibition window will be available.

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