Changing the Item Code

If the Item code of an item changes, for example a stand is renumbered, the item code can be changed without changing any other details.

  • Go to Contracts & Items > Items in the main menu bar.
  • Enter or Search for the item code.
  • In the Hot Area of the screen, click on the code change button   
  • Type over the code with the new item code.
  • Click on the green tick button, the item code will be changed over.
  • Save by clicking on the green tick button.

In terms of stands, this should only be used in cases of a straight renumbering. If the company who placed the booking are moving to a different stand, the stand should be cancelled and the new stand added to the contract line.

If the system says that the stand number you wish to change to is in use. Go to Contract & Items > General > Stands in the main menu bar. Enter the event code and stand number. Look at the grid at the bottom of the window, this will tell you which contracts this stand item is being used in.

If the cancelled box is ticked or the item is not being used in any contracts, the stand can be deleted by clicking on the Hot Area of the window and then the Delete button on the Navigation Toolbar. The stand number can then be used in the renumbering.

If the Active box is ticked, the company on that stand must be taken off before the stand number can be re-used, double click on the Contract Number to view the contract this item is used in more detail.