Setting Up Items - Publications

For anything to be added to an order, it must first be set up as an Item in the system. Items can be anything both physical and non-physical such as an advert, an editorial, a service charge or website fee.

  • Go to Orders & Items > Items in the main menu bar.
  • Enter the publication code in the Hot Area the Item being set up relates to, all items must be set up in relation to one publication code. For an item to used in other publication, it must be set up under that code as well.
  • After the colon, enter a unique code for the Item, e.g TEST01:FULLPAGE
  • Hit return and say Yes to Add New Item?
  • Enter a description of the Item in the comment box.
  • Choose the Item Group this Item belongs to by entering or Search for the Item Group code. It is important to select the correct Group as this sets a number of default parameters for the Item in the system. For more information see Items Groups.

Simple Pricing

  • Enter the value of the Item in the Final Value field.
  • Click on the green tick button to save.

Complex Pricing

You can set up a more complex pricing structure by linking other item codes to this Item and adding adjustments. If you have entered a value in the simple pricing, clicking on Complex Pricing will remove this value.

  • Click on the Additional Info button to switch to complex pricing.
  • Enter or Search for the link codes this Item will consist of by clicking on the New Button.
  • Click on the Done button, the Item will be listed in the grid.
  • When finished, click on the contract button to return to the selling price.
  • The Initial Value as dicated by the linked items will be displayed, enter a percentage or value adjustments if required. If the value adjustment is a negative, remember to add the minus sign before the number or the adjustment will be added to the final value.
  • Click on the green tick button to save.

Nominal Codes

The default nominal code for the publication should be automatically entered according to the group set up, to view or edit the nominal code for the individual stock item click on the button.


You can assign Items to Sections if they have been previously set up, see sections.

Status and Sub Status

Items can be assigned a status and status for classification, for more information see Item Status.

Cost Code

The default cost code for the Publication will automatically be entered, to change, enter or Search for another code.

For more information on the tabbed pages in the Items screen see :