Items charged - Daily/Monthly Rate -  Events

Items can be charged at a daily or monthly rate for example a company hiring space on a website. First the Item needs to be set up as daily or monthly. There are tick boxes for this in the Item set up screen.

For more information on items see Setting Up Items.

The Item can now be added to a contract line, for details on adding a contract line see Creating a New Contract for an Exhibition.

The Contract line window has extra fields when an item charged at a daily or monthly rate is added.

There are now Date From and Date To fields. The Date From field will automatically be entered as the current date and the Date To field, a day/month after the current date. The Date From field can be changed to any date to reflect the order.

If the company has placed the order for more than one day/month the Total Qty value can be changed, for example if they have placed the order for 6 months, change the Total Qty value to 6, the Date To field will automatically change to 6 months from the Date From field and the initial value (entered in the Item set up screen) will be calculated.

There is also a Check button. If this button is clicked, the system will automatically check to see whether any other contract lines in the system contain this Item within the dates you have specified and will give you a warning if this is the case.

Apart from these extra fields, the Contract Line follows the same principles as any other, for information on the other fields and tick boxes, see Creating a New Contract for an Exhibition.