Contract Lines Tab - Events

The Contract Lines tab contains the following fields which are described below:

Contract Lines Grid

When creating a new contract this grid will be blank, on existing contracts this grid will list the items and some information placed on the contract. Double clicking on the line number will go into the Contract Line Details window.

Go To Button

The Go To Button will open the Items window of the selected contract line.

New Button

The New Button is used to add items to the contract, for more information see Creating a New Contract for an Exhibition.

Edit Button

The Edit Button can be used for editing or viewing the details of a contract line. First click on the contract line you wish to edit and then click on this button.

Delete Button

The Delete Button is used to delete a contract line. Click on the contract line and then click on this button. Only contract lines that have no transactions against them can be deleted.

Information Button

This button can be used to view information about the contract lines without having to go into the Contract Lines details. Click on a contract line and click on this button, a box will appear will information about the contract line.

If you drag the box outside of the Contracts Screen to the white space around the window, when you click on different contract lines, the information in this box will change to reflect the new line.