Assign an Item to an Issue / Series Bookings

Once an item such as an advert or editorial has been added to an order line (seeCreating a New Order for a Publication the item needs to be assigned to an issue(s).  This page helps with allocating an advert to a single issue; series bookings of a single ad design to multiple issues; and series bookings of more than one ad design to different groups of issues.


In the Order Line tab of theOrders screen, go into the order details by double clicking on the order line number.

  • Click on the Issues button. This will bring up a grid containing a list of the issues entered for this publication. (For details of adding issues, please see Adding Issues to a Publication).

You can filter the list by using the buttons on the right hand side of the grid.

Auto- Used for inserts, automatically assigns the item to the next issue in the publication.
Used- Will only show issues that have already have been ticked i.e. have had items assigned to them.
Active- Will only show issues labelled as Active in the Publication Set Up.
All- will show all issues on the list.

  • Scroll through the list until you have found the issue the order was placed in.
  • Place a tick in the Use box by clicking on it.

* The total quantity of the order dictates how many issues this item can be assigned to. If the total quantity is 1, only one issue can be used. If the item is to be placed in more than one issue, change to the total quantity value to reflect this.

* The Issue quantity number next to the Use box can be changed if in cases that the total quantity of the order is 1, but this is made up of several parts and more than 1 ad reference number is required. Changing this number will generate the same number of ad references without changing the total quantity and the cost.

  • Once you have ticked on the Use box of the required issue, click on the Edit button to add details to this order.

  • BusiPro automatically generates the next ad reference number in the sequence.
  • Add a descriptive title in the Title comment field.
  • An attribute can be assigned to this ad/editorial if required. For more information seeAttributes.
  • The company code and contact code related to this order can be added,Search for options.
  • Any sections previously set up in the Links section of thePublication Set Up can be added also, Search for options.
  • Any fields of your own specification set up in the Sub Service Fields section of the Other tab of thePublication Set Up will be shown in the bottom right hand corner of the window.
  • Once all the information has been added, click on the Done button to return to the previous screen or the large grey button on the right hand side to return to the order line details screen.
  • Remember to save by clicking on the green tick button.

Series Bookings - Adding the Same Advert/Editorial to More than one Issue

If a customer has placed the same advert in, for example, six consecutive issues, the advert item can be added once and then copied over to the other issues.

  • When adding the order line ensure that the 'total quantity' number is set to the number of adverts they have ordered.
  • Click on the Issues button. This will bring up a grid containing a list of the issues entered for this publication
  • Tick the 'Use' box of the first issue and add the advert details as described above. This also assigns the ad reference (bingo) number.
  • When you go back to the Issues window. Clicking on the line you will see the series group letter.

  • Tick on the Use box of the next issue you are adding the advert to. You will see the series group becomes a B. Change this to an A to copy over the details of the original advert.

  • Thus it is that you have set up Series A, and all the ads within the series will be the same as one another.
  • The ad reference (bingo) number does not get copied over, each time the advert is assigned to a new issue it will receive a new ad reference number.
  • Repeat this procedure for all the issues required.


Series Bookings - Adding two or more different series

There may be a situation where your customer wants to book a series, but have more than one advert design used. Perhaps alternating advert A with advert B each issue.

To facilitate this follow the instructions above for setting up a series of the same advert, but make use of the 'Series Group' button to have series A and series B, etc. Make quite sure that all the ads in Group A should be the same as one another, and all the ads in Group B should be the same as one another, but not the same as the ads in Group A.

Editorial Re-Runs

If an editorial has been re-run in a later issue, you can add the editorial as above by clicking on the new issue 'Use' box and changing the series group letter. You cannot however keep the same ad reference (bingo) number for the two or more editorials as the system will not allow this. To indicate it is the same editorial, if the original reference number was 01345, you can change the re-runs bingo numbers to 01345/A, 01345/B etc. The /X does not have to be printed and gets dropped when it is picked up by Achieve.