Adding a Classified Ad Item

If an item added to an order line is a classified ad, as dictated by theItem Group, a word counter will appear next to the description field.

Enter the classified ad text in the description field with square brackets around. Clicking on the [Word] button automatically adds up the number of words and calculates the cost by the number of words x the price per word entered in the Item Set Up, seeItems Overview. A minimum number of words can also be added to the Item set up so that classified ads cannot be entered below this minimum. The item must then be assigned to an issue.

If classified ads require a grouping e.g. For Sale or Wanted, Sections can be used to for this. Information on adding Sections to the publication can be found in the Links section of thePublication Set Up help page. For information on adding a section to an order line, seeAssigning an Item to an Issue in a Publication.