Voucher Copy Letters

To produce voucher copy letters for an issue or an individual company.

  • Go to Orders & Items > Reports > Schedule in the main menu bar.

  • Enter the Publication code.
  • Click on the Voucher Copies tick box.
  • In the Sup Service Code field, enter or Search for the issue.
  • If you would like the voucher copy letter for a particular company rather than the whole issue, enter or search for the code in the Company Code field.
  • You can choose to produce voucher copy letters for Adverts, Editorials, Classified Ads, Directory entries, and electronic ads by clicking in the appropriate tick boxes on the right hand side.
  • In the blank field at the bottom, enter the name of the publisher whose name will appear at the bottom of the letter.
  • Click on the output (monitor) button.
  • The letters will appear on screen after a few seconds and can then be printed.