Nominal Levels

Nominal Levels can set up and used to group nominal codes together. In the trial balance, nominal codes that are grouped under a nominal level will be shown together.

To Add a New Nominal Level

  • Go to Parameters & Lists > Accounts > N/L Account Levels in the main menu bar.
  • Enter a code in the Hot Area of up to eight characters and hit the return button. Say Yes to Add New Level?.
  • The fields are described below, remember to save after you have entered the required information by clicking on the green tick button.


Enter a description of the nominal level

Total Text

Enter text here that will shown on the trial balance report.

Balance Sheet/Profit & Loss Tick Boxes

Tick whether the nominal level is Balance Sheet or Profit & Loss.


Tick this box if the number is to be reversed, i.e. made into a minus.

Left Total/Right Total Tick Boxes

Tick whether the nominal codes in this level are to be totalled on the left or the right.