Trial Balance

This window is used to produce a Trial Balance report. This provides detailed nominal analysis for single or multiple cost codes or a nominal code range. Nominal codes can be totalled by type (if coded correctly).

If all codes are included then the report should balance to zero

  • Go to Accounts > Nominal Ledger > Reports > Trial Balance in the main menu bar.

Nominal Code Fields

Enter or Search for a from and to range of nominal codes you wish to run the report on. To run the report on one nominal code, enter the code in both fields.

Cost Codes

Enter or search for the cost code(s) you wish to run the report on. Separate multiple cost codes by commas. You can select multiple cost codes from the search window by holding down the Control key on your keyboard while clicking on the codes and then clicking on the green tick button.

Balance Sheet

Tick this box if you would like the report to display balance sheet nominal codes

Profit & Loss

Tick this box if you would like the report to display profit and loss nominal codes.

Final Transactions

Tick this box if you would like to include final transactions only. Unticking this box will include all transactions.

Total Break Level

The total break level can be selected from 0-7. This means it will present the results of the trial balance after the first nominal character (e.g. in the nominal code 1XXXX, after the 1), or second (1X) etc.

Current Year

Enter or search for the year you wish to report on.

Accounting Periods From and To

Enter or search one specific Accounting Period in theFromandTofields to run the report on that period only. Or enter a range of periods e.g. 01 to 06.

Accumulative Figures

Will present accumulative figures in the results, i.e. everything that is the total for nominal code before this point.

Include Zero Values

Tick this box to include zero values in your report.


To run the report :

  • Click on the output button. The output option can be changed by right clicking on the button.

Output Options :

Export the report to Excel
Send to Screen
Send to Printer


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