Customising Your Menu

The buttons in the centre of your BusiPro front screen, the "Quick Menu" can be customised to show the screens and reports that you use most frequently.


To add a new button :
  • Open the appropriate screen e.g. Companies or Attribute Report.
  • In the Hot Area (outside of the field box as this will bring up a different menu) or on the very background of a form, right click to bring up the menu. In some instances, it may not be in the top left hand corner of the screen but near the bottom in cases of report screens.
There are six buttons which can be added. Once you have chosen one, it will be added to your menu. If you already have six buttons chosen, you must delete one of the buttons you have previously set up.



To remove a button :
  • Right click on the button in the centre front screen that you would like to remove