Company Details Tab

Use this page to enter the following additional Company Details :

Company Type Tick Boxes

Tick the box which corresponds to the type of company that has been set up. A company can be Sales Contract, Agent or the other roles can be customised for your own requirements, see your system administrator.

Data Source

Use the Data Source Field to enter an identifier to indicate where the data originated. In most cases this will read KEYED indicating the data was keyed in by a user. However, you can indicate, for example, that the source of the information was a publication or a contact made at a trade fair.

Source Date

Use the Data Source Date Field to enter the date of the data origin. This will generally reflect the date the record was created. However, for example, If the details have been entered from a publication then this field should be the date that the publication was published.


Enter the company's annual turnover figure. This field is optional. This field can be used later for running analysis reports.

Quick Sort

The Quick Sort field is used to designate otherwise unrelated records when setting up a group mailing or a report. This should be used as a temporary mark that can be changed as needed. You can enter 10 characters of your choice to indicate the mark. It is important to note that this is not a permanent mark, if another user decides to set up a Quick Sort mailing, his or her mark will overwrite yours. The Quicksort code can be entered in the Busirep report to pull off the list of companies you have temporarily marked. (Temporary Report Marker for Records)

Company Language

Enter or search for the relevant Code for the default language spoken by the Company.

Agent Link Company

Enter or search for the company code of the Agent company for this record. Once the code has been entered, hit return and the name will be entered in the field below. Setting up an Agent Company link will default some reports and actions when specified to the Agent Company.

Non Paying Sharer

Enter or search for the company code of the company that are always non-paying sharers with this company. Once the code has been entered, hit return and the name will be entered in the field.

Role 7 & 8 link companies are blank roles that may be customised for your own links if required.