Payments against an Invoice/Order


To log payments against an invoice/credit/contract/order.

  • In the order/Invoice screen, enter or Search for the required number.
  • Click on the Invoice Payment button to bring up the Payment window.
  • The fields are described below, once all the information has been entered, remember to click on the green tick button to save.

  • Method

    Search for the Method the company has paid you by using the drop down menu.

    Tran. Date

    The transaction date is automatically entered as the current date. This can be changed to reflect earlier transactions.

    Cheque Num.

    If payment has been received by cheque, enter the number in the Cheque Num. field.

    Inv. /Crd Num.

    If the payment is against a specific invoice/credit, enter the number in Inv./Crd Num field.

    Home Currency

    Enter the total amount of the payment.

    Final Transaction Tick Box

    The final transaction box is automatically ticked, untick this box if you do not wish the payment to be final, e.g. you are waiting for a cheque to clear and suspect it might not.


    There is a comment field to add your own notes against this payment.


    1. Card Tab

    This page allows you to enter card details if the payment was made by credit card.

    2. Nominal Acc Tab

    The nominal tab allows you to log the payment against a particular company if the order has more than one invoiceable company set up and also split the payment between two nominal codes.


    The drop down menu lists the company codes of the companies that have been linked to this order/contract as invoice companies. To make sure the payment is logged to the correct company, select the correct code from the drop down menu.

    First Nominal Code

    Displays the default bank nominal code. If this transaction is to go to a different nominal code, enter the appropriate code here.

    First Value

    The value of the payment entered in the Home Currency field will automatically be entered here.

    Second Nominal Code and Value

    If the payment is to be split between two nominal codes, enter the nominal code in the Second Nominal Code field and the value. The first value figure will automatically be adjusted e.g. if the payment is for £100, if £4 is entered into the second nominal value, the first value will be reduced to £96.