Sales Payment Transactions

Use this window to view sales payment transaction information or add a new transaction. The fields contained in this window are described below, for information on adding a new transaction see Creating a New Sales Payment Transaction.

  • Go to Accounts > Sales Ledger > Sales Payments in the main menu bar.
  • In the Hot Area, search for the transaction number you require or use the drop down menu of search options in the search window.

This window contains :

Reversal Button

Click this button to create a reverse transaction i.e. if a cheque has bounced and needs to be reversed off of the account.

Communication Button

Make a communication against the transaction. For more information see Adding a Communication.

Transaction Type

The transaction type e.g. SREC - Sales Receipt will be displayed here.

Final Transaction Required Tick Box

This box will be checked if the transaction is final.

Home Currency Button

If the transaction was done in a secondary currency, click on this button to change the value to that of the home currency.

Tran. Date

This field displays the date of the transaction.


This field displays the financial year the transaction was posted to and next to this, the accounting period of that year.

Auto Reverse

This will be ticked if the transaction is to be automatically reversed at month end.

Company & Contact Code

Displays the account number of the company the transaction relates to and then the contact. Clicking on the contact code will change the description field from the company name to the contact name.

Inv./Crd Number/Contract Number

The invoice/credit number and the contract number will be displayed here.

Cheque Number

If the payment has been made by cheque, the cheque number should be entered here.


The method of payment used.


The date the payment cleared.

Additional Information

Clicking on the Expand Button brings up additional information regarding card payments, such as card number and expiry date etc.

Secondary Currency

Displays the secondary currency used in the transaction and the exchange rate between the home and secondary currency.

Base/Secondary Currency Priority Tick boxes

Displays which currency takes priority when the exchange is adjusted. If Base Priority is selected and the exchange rate is changed then the foreign currency value of the transaction will change and the home currency will remain the same. If Secondary Priority is selected and the exchange rate is changed then the home currency value of the transaction will change and the foreign currency will remain the same.


In the bottom half of the window is a set of three tabbed pages relating to the Transaction.

1.Transaction lines Tab

The transaction lines page has information which relate specifically to the nominal and cost codes relevant to this Transaction.

This page contains a grid listing the transaction lines. To view these details either click on the line and click the Edit Button, or double click on the Line Number.

The following is then shown regarding the Transaction:

  • Contract Number 
  • Nominal Code
  • Cost Code
  • Event/Publication Code
  • Total Value
  • Auto Allocation Reference

2. Transaction Communications Tab

Contains a grid listing the communications made relating to this transaction. To view any of the communications in more details or to edit any communication made by yourself, click on the communication and click on the Edit Button. Choose a communication type from the Combo Box to view only communications of this type.

3. Company Details Tab

The Companies Details page displays the main address and contact entered in the window above.