Auto Allocation

This program can also be used for writing off exchange rate differences.

  • Go To Accounts > Sales Ledger > Auto Allocation Run in the main menu bar.
  • To run the program, click on the Go button. You will see the system scrolling through the transaction numbers in the field below this button.
  • Check

    Checks that the value of the transaction line is equal to the value of the header. Checks the goods, vat and total to make sure transaction is correct. A report of any incorrect transactions will be shown in the Report window.


    Will try to make any incorrect transactions correct in itself. A report of what has been fixed will be shown in the Report window.


    The report will allow you to look at transaction codes which may have a problem - perhaps you are comparing the transactions to bank statements or invoices.  Running this report enables you to see any discrepancies needing resolution - which may take the form of adding journals.

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