Accounting Reports Overview

Sales Aged Debt Report

Create a report to see outstanding amounts owed by companies and the length of time the amount has been outstanding.

Nominal Enquiry

Use this window to view transactions for a Nominal / Cost Code for a particular period. You can use the Nominal Enquiry to match bank statements with transactions or e.g. look at how much revenue was gained from one particular nominal code in a month.

Balance Sheet / Profit and Loss Report

Provides a standard Balance Sheet / P&L Report for single or multiple cost codes. This report relies on the Nominal Levels being set up correctly

Trial Balance

Provides detailed nominal analysis for single or multiple cost codes or a nominal code range. Nominal codes can be totalled by type (if coded correctly)

Nominal File Print

Prints a very detailed breakdown of particular transactions. Can be limited to particular Events/Publications

Extraction Report

The extraction report lists transactions that have been processed for you to check they are correct e.g. assigned to the right nominal code etc. The report displays what transactions have gone into each nominal code and you can also check that the credit and debit columns are equal.

General Report

This window can produce general reports such as a simple creditors, debtors and event/publication breakdown.