Marking an issue as ready to invoice

When an issue has been published, or when you are ready to send out the invoices, the issue must be marked as 'ready to invoice' in BusiPro. This is a simple procedure - just a click of a box.

Go to Orders & Items > Publication set-up and when you get there, right click and Search for the publication in question. Click the fifth tab called Issues and you will see all the issues set up for the publication in the grid. Find the column called 'Ready to invoice' and place a tick in the box for the issue which has just been published.



The immediate effect of this is that each of the orders in the issue will have had the 'invoiceable quantity' incremented by one, and this 'invoiceable quantity' is what the program will use when you come to produce the invoices themselves.

 If you wish, you could now add the page numbers to the advertisements, or go straight to print the invoices