Partial Credits

If you do not wish to credit the whole of an invoice, it is possible to raise a partial credit note.

To raise a credit for a particular item on an invoice, please follow the instructions for Crediting an Invoice.


To raise a Credit for a Company

  • Go to Accounts > Sales Ledger > Sales Invoices.
  • Open a new record with the New Button.
  • From the drop-down list, pick the product that you are raising the credit note for.
  • Search in the transaction type box and pick SCRD (Sales Credit Note)
  • Press the green tick to move onto the next stage
  • Right click and Search for the company you wish to credit.
  • Ensure that the currency in the top right quarter of the screen is correct for your credit.
  • When you are on the Transaction Lines tab, use the New Button to add a line.
  • At the foot of the page, insert the amount of the credit that you wish to give.
  • Be sure to give a good description in the box, so that your customer remembers why they are receiving this credit.

Note that this credit note has not been raised against a particular invoice, but for the customer as a whole.  It is important that you go on to allocate this credit to an invoice.


To allocate a Credit to an Invoice

If there is an outstanding invoice, then you can allocate the credit to it immediately, but if the credit note is for future purchases, then you will need to wait until another invoice has been raised for you to allocate it against. The credit note you have made will wait on their account until that time.

To allocate it to an invoice, go to Accounts > Sales Ledger > Sales Accounts Query. Search in the Hot Area for the correct customer and you will see that credits and payments are shown in red, while invoice are white.

It is here that you can allocate the credit to an invoice.