VAT Code Text for Invoices


Each item on an invoice has an associated VAT code which has be used to calculate the correct VAT for that item.

In some cases, it will be desirable or necessary to place a piece of text onto an invoice which explains the VAT code that has been used. An example might be in the case of reverse charges when the text "This service is subject to reverse charge" is required to appear on the invoice by law. 

There are two stages in making text appear on the invoice.

Defining the text on the VAT Code

The first step is to decide what text you wish to appear for each country for a VAT code. Then go to Parameters & Lists > Accounts > VAT Codes.

Right click and Search in the Hot Area for the VAT code you require.  The countries you have set up as registered for VAT will appear in the grid below. Double click on the VAT code of the country to reveal the details.

Type the text into the box entitled 'Display Text'. Below is an example of how a screen might look.


The next step it is to instruct your communication document (the invoice design) to pick up this information and place it at a particular location.

Adding the Mailmerge Field to your Communication Document Design

If you have more than one item line on a contract, it is possible that differing VAT codes have been used for these items. You may have up to eight VAT code text lines appearing on a single invoice, although to have eight items each with a different VAT code text is most unlikely.


The mailmerge codes for these lines are:

H_VAT_SDET_04 etc


You can either go directly to the communication document design and add these codes manually, or you can add them using the facilities in Setting up a Communication Document.  You do not need to add all eight mailmerge fields - you may find that just one or two will be enough for your requirements.

These lines will fill from H_VAT_SDET_01 for the first line of text it finds, and then for the second, 02, and so on.