Crediting individual orders/contracts

You can produce a credit note for a specific line or lines on an order/contract by :

  • In the Contract/Orders window, search for the contract/order.
  • Double click on the contract line you wish to credit, to take you to the details.
  • At the bottom centre of the screen, tick the boxed entitled 'cancelled'
  • Press the blue Done button
  • You will see that the item line in the  contract now has red highlighting.
  • Repeat this for each of the lines within that contract which are to be credited.
  • Then to finish, click the green Tick Button
  • Click on the invoice button in the Hot Area of the record.
  • Ensure that the 'final transaction' is ticked if you are sure you want to go ahead and confirm your credit.

Using this method to credit items on an invoice, the credit will automatically be allocated to the invoice, and no further action is needed with regard to the accounts.