Commission Report for Sales Reps


This report, found at Orders & Items > Reports > Schedule,  can be used to view the details of the orders and commission allocated to your sales reps and to create purchase transactions for the services of the reps.

Publication Code

Enter or search for the publication code you wish to run the report on

Sup Service Code

Enter or search for the issue code you wish to run the report on. Entering the same issue in the from and to fields will run the report on that issue only. You can run the report on a number of issues e.g. Jan12 - Apr12 by entering their codes in the from and to fields. Leaving these fields blank will run the report on all the issues in the specified publication.

Right clicking on the output option until the Excel button is available also brings up an extraDetailstick box. The report shows the following information (with the details box ticked)
  • Rep Code
  • Rep Name
  • Whether the commission is gross or net
  • The commission percentage
  • The percentage split of the commission (if commission was split between 2 or more reps)
  • Commission payment (amount of commission paid)
  • Currency the order was placed in. Unticking the currency tick box will show all orders in the home currency.
  • The issue the order was placed in.
  • Order number ( the number created by the system when a new order is put on the system)
  • Order line number (which order line the ad/editorial can be found on in the order)
  • Company code
  • Company name
  • The town, postcode and country of the company
  • The name of the agent linked to this company or order
  • The agency discount applied to the order
  • The invoice company name.
  • The Item code (advert code)
  • The initial value of the order
  • The amount of any adjustments made to the order
  • The subtotal of the order (initial value minus adjustments)
  • The total amount in agents commission
  • The line net amount (subtotal minus the agents commission amount)
  • The currency
  • The number of units the item consists of.
  • The page number of the item
  • The yield of the order
  • The status (advert or editorial etc)


    This button is the default, and without pressing it, the report shows you the commissions due but does not send the data to the purchase ledger system.  You can output the report as many times as you wish.

    When the time comes to pay the reps their commission, press the total button, and two other options appear: 


    Clicking on the trial button changes the status to live. This sends the transactions to the accounting system's purchase ledger and creates purchase invoices for the money owed to the reps.


    If changes are made to the orders, e.g. an advert is withdrawn or more money is charged for the advert, clicking on the Rerun button will create purchase invoices for the differences between the Live run and the new amount.

    To run the report, click on the Excel button.